Licence Certificates

When you successfully license a vehicle as an SPSV you receive very important pieces of documentation:

  • Two tamper-proof licence discs
  • A vehicle licence certificate

Tamper-proof Licence Discs

On successful completion of your Initial Suitability Inspection or Licence Renewal Assessment, the Licensing Inspector records the details on the Register of Licensed SPSVs and then applies two tamper-proof discs to your vehicle: one in the front window and one in the rear window. This marks the vehicle as a licensed SPSV.

The tamper-proof disc differs in colour depending on the category for which you have been licensed:

  • Taxis have a yellow disc
  • Hackneys have a blue disc and
  • Limousines have a silver disc.

The key features of the new format tamper-proof licence discs are displayed below:

The tamper-proof licence discs are attached using a green surround which marks the discs as void if removed. Each disc contains the following information:

  • Vehicle licence number;
  • Vehicle colour;
  • Vehicle make;
  • Vehicle registration;
  • Licence expiry date;
  • Number of passengers for which the vehicle is licensed;
  • A number of additional security features including an encrypted barcode to establish the authenticity of the tamper-proof licence disc
Tamper Proof Hackney Disc

Vehicle Licence Certificate

In addition to the tamper-proof discs, a licence certificate is also issued by post to the vehicle licence holder’s address. This is an important document so licence holder should ensure their contact details are correct at all times.

This certificate contains important information regarding your licence and is required when transferring or surrendering a licence.

VL Cert Back



The certificate provides information regarding the licence holder, the licence and the vehicle associated with the licence.It also provides additional information such as the licence’s transferability and any age rules and vehicle standards that apply the next time of licensing. If you are considering applying for the transfer of a vehicle licence into your name, you should ask to see the vehicle licence which will inform you whether the licence is transferable.The Authority would also recommend you check the online register to ensure the licence is still transferable before proceeding.

VL Cert front

The reverse of the form acts as both a transfer and a surrender form, and must be used when completing either of these transactions.To surrender the licence you should complete the “I wish to surrender this licence”section of the form.To transfer the licence you must complete the “I wish to transfer this licence” section of the form.Section 1 must be completed by the current licence holder (seller) and Section 2 must be completed by the applicant (buyer).Once completed the original certificate and relevant payment must be submitted to the address below to be processed.

SPSV Licensing Applications
PO Box  436
City North Business Park, Tuam Road, Galway