Step 2 – Make Sure Your Documents Are In Order

Making your appointment

Book your Initial Suitability Inspection by calling 0761 064 000.  An appointment will be offered within the time period for which all of your documents are valid. Booking appointments may only be made by the licence holder and security questions will be asked to confirm the caller’s identity.

You will be unable to book an Initial Suitability Inspection unless your documentation is valid and verifiable online.

Required documents

To complete  a change of vehicle you will need the following documents. The Authority validates all documentation online at time of booking. This means you must have the following documents to hand when calling to book for your Initial Suitability Inspection, as you will need to give the details over the phone:

  • A valid tax clearance certificate (name must match exactly the name in which you applied for the licence).
  • SPSV insurance for the vehicle you propose to license
  • An NCT certificate for the vehicle you propose to license issued within 90 days of the date of your inspection appointment.

For further information on these documents and how to obtain them please refer to the Required Documents for Licensing section.

Terms and conditions

You must accept the terms and conditions associated with the issue of an SPSV licence.

If you require a hard copy of these terms and conditions a copy can be obtained from any vehicle licensing centre.