Surrender an SPSV Licence

A surrender of an SPSV licence is a permanent, irreversible deactivation of the vehicle licence. A surrendered licence can never be restored, renewed or used again.

You should surrender a licence only if you no longer intend to operate that licence and do not have the option of transferring the licence to another person. Certain taxi licences may be transferred. You should check this on the Authority’s online register of SPSVs.

SPSV Online Register

If you only wish to remove the vehicle currently associated with your SPSV licence or to suspend use of the licence temporarily, you should not surrender the licence. A licence can remain inactive for up to 1 year and still be re-activated by the named licence holder.

How to surrender

To surrender your licence:

1. Download a Form VL5 – Application to Surrender an SPSV Licence, or if you have a new-format licence certificate you can do this by completing the “I wish to surrender this licence” section on the back of the certificate.

2. Complete the form by filling in your details and those of your licence. Read the declaration and then sign and date it to confirm that you understand and accept it.

3. Send the completed form along with the original vehicle licence certificate and the tamperproof licence discs to the Authority at the following address:

SPSV Licensing Section
PO Box 436
City North Business Park
Tuam Road

You will normally receive a response within 5 working days of receipt of this form. The Authority reserves the right to request additional information or documentation in support of this application.