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The Taxi Regulation Act 2013 (other than section 49) came into operation on 6th April 2014. Some of the key provisions of the Act are:

  • The automatic disqualification of driver licence holders convicted of serious offences for specified periods extending up to lifetime disqualification.
  • A prohibition on vehicle licence transfers.
  • Arrangement for the nomination of a representative to whom a vehicle licence can be transferred to, in the event of the death of the licence holder.
  • A declaration by driver licence applicants in relation to other employments.
  • A demerits system whereby drivers accumulating eight of more demerit points will have their licence automatically suspended for three months.
  • A prohibition on offering or advertising a vehicle for passenger hire without the vehicle being licensed.
  • The right to appoint compliance support personnel under a service agreement arrangement.

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) has been informed that Section 14 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, which prohibits the transfer of taxi licences, will come into operation on 6th April 2014.  In accordance with that section, the NTA may not transfer any taxi licence after that date.
Vehicle transfer applications which have been received by the NTA by close of business on 4th April 2014 (the last working day before this prohibition comes into force) and which also have been booked in (prior to close of business on 4th April 2014) for a suitability inspection, will be processed.
For the avoidance of doubt, the requirement is that the vehicle is booked in for its suitability inspection prior to close of business on 4th April – the actual inspection can take place subsequent to that date.

The National Transport Authority recommends that all SPSV licence holders who are currently accepting credit or debit card payments, display the authorised sign on their roof-sign. To this effect, the Authority has created the artwork for the authorised sign as outlined in current legislation, which is free to be downloaded and printed onto adhesive paper or vinyl.

There are no technical specifications regarding the type of material the sign should be printed on, the only requirement is that the size be 90mm x 90mm in the colours blue (Pantone reference 534) and green (Pantone reference 382).

Download the credit and debit cards payments authorised sign for SPSVs

Note: The displayed of the authorised credit and debit card payment sign is not mandatory, but is likely to be of benefit to your business if you accept credit or debit card payments.  No other version of this credit and debit card payment sign is authorised.

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