Confidential Customer Service Number – CCSN

21 December 2021

NTA is committed to maintaining the best possible standards in relation to the management of personal data.

With this in mind we introduced a customer service number called a ‘CCSN’ in 2020. This is the unique identifier for your profile.

The CCSN will apply to any licences held with us regardless of the licence type, for example if you hold multiple SPSV Vehicle Licences and also hold a SPSV Drivers Licence the same CCSN will apply to all licences under your profile. The number is included on most letters and/or emails you received from NTA throughout the year.

Please keep a note of your CCSN as from 1st January 2022 you will need this for all transactions with the NTA. This number is unique to your profile and as such should be kept confidential.

In the event of queries concerning individual CCSNs please contact the Information Line on 0818 064000.