COVID-19: SPSV Industry Assistance

27 March 2020

NTA is exploring a number of ways in which to assist and support SPSV industry members during this challenging time. The NTA website and call centre has continued to provide licence holders with updated information on all HSE COVID-19 guidance, in addition to individual communications through e-mail, SMS and letter. As the licensing authority for SPSVs, the following, additional supports are being put in place:

SPSV vehicle licences which enter an expired status between 13th March and 12th June will have their validity extended by NTA for a period of 3 months, at no cost to the vehicle owner. A notification of this will be issued directly to each vehicle licence holder in the coming days. NTA will continue to monitor the situation.

In addition to the extension of licences, any SPSV vehicle licence holder who is unable to complete a licence renewal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will not be subject to any ‘late renewal fee’.

NTA is also taking further measures for the industry, including facilitating licence holders wishing to place their licence into ‘suspension’ during this period, to alleviate the massive financial burden being placed on those SPSV licence holders because of the dramatic reduction in passenger numbers.

Through measures taken by NTA in relation to the licensing process, it will enable licence holders to ‘stay at home’ without their SPSV licence being affected.

If any further information is required please email the full detail of your query to and our team will answer you as quickly as possible.