Driver Telephone Surveys – National Maximum Taxi Fare Review

21 February 2022

A confidential telephone survey of approximately 500 drivers nationwide commenced today as part of the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review. These surveys will provide information in the areas of insurance, fuel and other operating costs, together with current taxi demand and supply.  We would really appreciate your time and assistance if you receive a call.

The National Maximum Taxi Fare Review is carried out by the NTA approximately every two years to assess changes in operating costs for taxi owners, renters and drivers. This review is particularly important in light of COVID, Brexit and the recent increase in the cost of fuel and living expenses.

The results from this review, which combines both driver and user surveys, together with an economic analysis of the Taxi Cost Index (TCI) of operating costs, will provide an accurate estimate of the current environment experienced by typical operators.  The last review was completed in 2019 and was due to be applied in July 2020.  However prior to the implementation of the proposed increase, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Ireland. As a result of the pandemic, and it’s devastating impact on the SPSV industry, the Advisory Committee on SPSVs and taxi industry representatives at that time recommended that no increase be implemented in 2020. Both NTA and the Department of Transport agreed with this recommendation.  Thus, this Review is a very important one for the industry.

Once the surveys have been analysed and compared with the economic TCI research results on the fixed and running costs of an typical taxi, together with labour costs, NTA will issue a National Maximum Taxi Fare Review Report, with a fare change recommendation, by way of public consultation.  All taxi operators and stakeholders, including the public, will be able to submit their opinions on the content to NTA.  This will be brought to the NTA Board for consideration and, if approved, the short legal process of completing a Maximum Fares Order will commence.