eSPSV23 Grant Scheme

The 2023 scheme remains open to applications.  €15 million has been allocated for grants this year via the eSPSV23 Grant Scheme, to enable owners of small public service vehicles, such as taxis, hackneys and limousines, to buy electric vehicles. The scheme is funded by the Department of Transport and administered by NTA.

SPSV licence holders are also reminded that additional funding is available where the current licensed SPSV is scrapped and replaced with a fully electric vehicle. This additional funding is available where the current SPSV has an odometer reading exceeding 300,000 kilometres, or where the vehicle is within 3 years of the original maximum permissible age. Even if your vehicle received a temporary extension to the final operation date under the Small Public Service Vehicle (Contingency Measure – Vehicle Supply) (Maximum Permissible Age) Regulations 2022, you can still avail of this additional grant funding.

Further information about the eSPSV23 Grant Scheme, including how to apply, can be found here.