Full €15m allocated on eSPSV grant applications in 2 months

7 April 2022

Over 1,000 applications were received for the extremely popular eSPSV22 Grant Scheme in its first two months.  985 Provisional Grant Offers have already been issued with 15 grants approved for payment so far.

The Department of Transport, which funds the eSPSV22 Grant Scheme, says “the scheme is paused to allow those drivers with grants approved time to draw down funding. We can advise that the scheme will reopen in the second half of the year”.  So where a provisional grant offer lapses, under the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme, that funding will return to the Scheme for other applicants to apply when the Scheme reopens.

If you have already received a Provisional Grant Offer Letter:

  • There is no change, this will be processed
  • Ensure your vehicle passes its suitability inspection test before the expiry date on your provisional grant offer letter
  • If you want to withdraw from the Grant process, please let us know to open the Scheme to other drivers