Maximum Taxi Fares to increase by 4% average – after Easter 2015

22 December 2014

The Board of the National Transport Authority met today (December 19) to consider the recent Taxi Fares Review and the review of Taxi Regulations.  The Board decided to increase the maximum taxi fare by an average of 4%, to take effect on April 30, 2015 and to simplify the fare structure by reducing the number of fare bands.


National Maximum Taxi Fares – to take effect April 30, 2015





(20.00h-8.00h and Sundays & Bank Holidays)

Initial Charge Distance Allowance (m)Time Allowance (secs) 







Tariff A (Up to 15 kms)  

€1.10 per km

€0.39 per min

€1.40 per km

€0.49 per min

Tariff B (Over 15kms)  

€1.45 per km

€0.51 per min

€1.75 per km

€0.62 per min












A special premium rate will apply from 8.00pm on Christmas Eve to 8.00am on St. Stephen’s Day and from 8.00pm on New Year’s Eve to 8.00am on New Year’s Day. During these periods the Initial Charge will be €4.00 and then Tariff B (night-time) applies (€1.75 per km or €0.62 per min). 

Extras such as booking fee and additional passenger charge, where relevant, remain unchanged.


A formal review of the Maximum Taxi Fares order is carried out every two years, to establish the current costs of operating a taxi and to determine whether existing fare levels should change, up or down, as a result.  The first such review, in 2008, applied an 8.3% increase, which was equivalent at the time to the change in taxi operation costs.  Subsequent reviews in 2010 and 2012 resulted in no fares increases being applied, although an increase of 4% had been proposed at the 2012 review.  Maximum taxi fares are unchanged since 2008.

The Authority’s 2014 review was carried out over recent months and included consumer and driver surveys, together with benchmarking against other relevant countries.  This analysis identified an increase in the cost of taxi operation since 2010.  There was also an increase of 4.7% in the consumer price index over the same period.

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