National Maximum Taxi Fare Review 2019

5 September 2019

A National Maximum Taxi Fare Review is carried out approximately every two years by NTA to assess any changes in annual taxi operating costs and the market facing the taxi industry. Taxis and wheelchair-accessible taxis (WATs) make up 83 per cent of the total SPSV fleet. There were 17,357 taxis in the fleet at the end of July 2019.  The 2017 Fare Review found that costs had increased between 2014 and 2016, and permitted a maximum fares increase of approximately 3% from February 2018.

The objectives of the 2019 Fare Review are to:

  • Estimate the average activity level of taxis in a year based on survey data directly from taxi drivers and data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO);
  • Update each element of the Taxi Cost Index (TCI), including the fixed and running costs of an average taxi and labour costs; and
  • Determine whether maximum fares should increase, decrease or remain at current levels

A confidential survey of taxi drivers in relation to costs and work patterns was completed last month, together with a survey of the travelling public to understand the demand and satisfaction levels amongst users.  These surveys will feed into the overall Review which also includes an examination of market conditions and of the cost of operating a taxi, including insurance premiums.

The Maximum Fare Review report is expected to be completed and published on our website in the coming months. Then a public consultation will be advertised nationally inviting the views of the public and taxi operators on the report.  A full assessment of this consultation will be completed, together with consultations with The Advisory Committee on SPSVs and the Legal Metrology Service. If it is decided that any changes are to occur, the change in legislation will come into force in mid-2020.