NCTS: Priority booking for SPSVs

3 February 2020

NCTS have made specific provisions for licence holders in a limited number of NCT centres. Please call the NCT contact centre on 01-4135960 for an update.


The priority inspection process for SPSVs is as follows:

  • The usual NCT booking process is followed
  • The usual testing process is followed up to the point where the underbody inspection cannot be completed
  • The absence of an underbody inspection will produce a “Fail” result
  • Where the “Fail” result is solely due to lack of underbody inspection, the SPSV operator should immediately call the NCT contact centre. They will then be offered the next available underbody inspection slot in one of the centres where this is available (see below)
  • Where the fail result is for any other reason, normal procedure will apply


Those centres where underbody inspections have recommenced are:

Deansgrange (South Dublin)