Reminder: Suitability Inspection Requirement

Licence holders must bring the original vehicle registration certificates (VRC – still commonly referred to as the log book) to all SPSV suitability inspections. Alternatively, where a vehicle is held under a hire purchase or lease agreement, NTA will accept written confirmation on letter headed paper from the registered owner of the vehicle stating the SPSV licence holder is legally entitled to the use and possession of the vehicle for a period of not less than 12 months.

Since September 2021, original certificates or other evidence of legal entitlement to the use of a vehicle as an SPSV, have been recorded as part of all SPSV suitability inspections in the same way as insurance certificates. This was introduced as a fail item at the SPSV suitability inspection from 1 March 2023, meaning that if neither of these documents are presented, the inspection will result in a fail and your vehicle will not be licensed that day.