Scam Calls being made to SPSV Licence Holders

17 June 2021

The Garda Carriage Office has received a number of reports from SPSV licence holders who believe they have been victims of attempted scam calls over the past number of days.

The licence holders receive calls on their mobile phones and when answered a voice recording plays the following message: “This is the Garda Carriage Office. Your SPSV licence has been suspended due to reports of illegal activities. If you wish to discuss this matter please press 1.

The phone numbers from which these attempted scam calls have originated, are listed below:

  • 083 1403522;
  • 083 0635511;
  • 083 1405637; and
  • 083 1405077.

The Garda Carriage Office confirms that it has made no such calls.