Second hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and WAV Grant

7 December 2023

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle licence holders intending to sell a used WAV are reminded to contact NTA if they received a WAV Grant for the vehicle within the past 3 years before completing the sale.  It is a condition of the WAV Grant that the vehicle is used by the grant recipient to provide the service for a period of 36 months from the date of payment.  If the vehicle is sold during that 36 month period, the grant recipient is obliged to repay the grant to NTA on a pro rata basis.

Persons intending to apply for a WAV Grant using a second hand vehicle are advised to check before purchase if the vehicle has been grant aided within the past 3 years; if so, confirmation should be sought from the vendor that any part of the grant due to be repaid has been paid to NTA. Otherwise the vehicle will be ineligible for further grant aid.

NTA will issue confirmation that a previous WAV grant service period had been completed, or a repayment has been made, whichever is applicable, in respect of a vehicle being sold.