SPSV Compliance Activities in June 2014

11 August 2014

During June a total of 14 unlicensed operators were detected in different areas of the country. These comprised:
•    4 unlicensed operators detected in Dublin;
•    4 unlicensed operators detected in Clare;
•    3 unlicensed operators detected in Cork;
•    2 unlicensed operators detected in Tipperary;
•    1 unlicensed operator detected in Kerry.

In addition to the above, two officers have been assigned to deal with unlicensed operators within the wedding car sector and their work has resulted in further detection of 8 operators promoting or using unlicensed vehicles. Of these operators three were in Dublin, one was in Meath, one in Mayo, one in Galway, one in Westmeath and one in Cavan. The legislation introduced in April prohibits the “advertising, offering or promotion” of unlicensed small public service vehicles, and this has provided a valuable tool to address the issue of illegal operators in the wedding car sector.

In total during June, 2,277 small public service vehicles have been checked by compliance officers. As well as the above pending prosecutions for unlicensed operators, 172 Fixed Charge Penalties have been issued to vehicle drivers, with the majority of these penalties issued for standing illegally for hire or to drivers who were not associated to the vehicle that they were driving.