On foot of the international research and following the public consultation carried out in November 2016, NTA and the Advisory Committee on Small Public Service Vehicles discussed various options to improve the SPSV Driver Skills Development Programme and the SPSV Driver Entry Test. The changes are:

Module Split

A candidate must initially sit both the Industry Knowledge Module and the Area Knowledge Module of the SPSV Driver Entry Test in the same test session. Should a candidate fail one module but pass the other, s/he may repeat the failed module for a period of one year from that initial test session. In other words, a pass in either module may be carried forward for a period of one year. If both modules are passed within one year, the SPSV Driver Skills Development Certificate will issue and the candidate may apply to An Garda Síochána for an SPSV Driver licence as normal. If a candidate does not pass both modules within one year of the initial test, s/he will have to start the SPSV Driver Entry Test again sitting both modules.

Pass Mark Adjustment

After a review of current testing practices internationally and an analysis of the results achieved in the last two years in both modules, it has been decided to adjust the pass rate from 80% to 75% for each module.