SPSV Industry Reminders Ahead of the New Year

16 December 2022

CCSN reminder: Required for calls from 2023

NTA is committed to maintaining the best possible standards in relation to the management of personal data. With this in mind we introduced a customer service number called a ‘CCSN’ in 2020. This is the unique identifier for your profile.

The CCSN will apply to any licences held with us regardless of the licence type, for example if you hold multiple SPSV Vehicle Licences and also hold a SPSV Drivers Licence, your unique CCSN will apply to all licences under your profile. The number is included on most letters and/or emails you received from NTA throughout the year.

Please keep a note of your CCSN as from 1st January 2023 you will need this for all transactions with the NTA. This number is unique to your profile and as such should be kept confidential.

In the event of queries concerning individual CCSNs please contact the Information Line on 0818 064 000.


New Fixed Payment Notices from 1st January 2023

Since 2014, the penalties for non-compliant SPSV operators, through a range of Fixed Payment Notices have not changed.

In August 2022, NTA conducted a public consultation to increase the amount of the penalties available so that they ranged from €80 to €250. The proposal was that the initial fixed penalty amounts would be €80, €100, €150, €200 or €250 depending on the offence.

There was also a proposal to introduce a new Fixed Payment Notice offence for a “Refusal by the driver to carry a passenger in a wheelchair (€250)”.

All licence holders were encouraged to respond to the public consultation and give their views on this important matter. Communications were sent to all industry members by SMS and email on 16 August and reminders were published on the SPSV Latest News section of NTA’s website, as well as being included in the August SPSV Industry Update (newsletter).

In November 2022, following the positive response to the public consultation, NTA’s Board approved the introduction of all new penalty amounts and the introduction of the new Fixed payment Notice offence. This was communicated to industry members by SMS, on NTA’s website and was  included in the November SPSV Industry Update.

On 18th November 2022, regulations were signed into law in respect of the new Fixed Payment Notices – S.I. No. 589/2022 – Small Public Service Vehicle (Fixed Payment Offences and Driver Licence Period) Regulations  

From 1st January 2023 all Fixed Payment Notices issued will be at the higher penalty amounts. After 28 days, if the initial penalty is not paid, a further period of 28 days is allowed at a penalty amount of the original penalty + 50%. If a notice is not paid at all, NTA will prosecute the offence at court, where the fine may be up to €2,500 upon conviction.

Compliance with all regulatory requirements will ensure that SPSV operators do not receive Fixed Payment Notices. Traditionally, the largest single offence detected has been the requirement of all SPSV drivers to notify NTA of the vehicle being operated. To ensure compliance with this particular requirement, visit the ‘Driver Linking’ section of NTA’s website.


Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

The SPSV Information Line and Inspection Centres will be closed on the 26th and 27th December and on January 2nd 2023. Reduced hours will apply on the 28th, 29th and 30th December.

NTA encourages you to book your SPSV inspection in good time to ensure you can renew your licence and continue to operate over the Christmas period.

All industry members should keep up to date on industry matters by visiting the SPSV Latest News section of the website.