The busiest times for traffic inbound will be from 15:00 to 20:00 on Monday 27th June & Tuesday 28th June & Wednesday 29th June and then from 11:00 to 18:00 on Friday 1st July until Sunday 3rd of July. In addition, it will be busy for the main exit periods, from 22:00 to 01:00 on all event days.

All vehicles picking up and dropping off will be directed to Supervalu on Ballinteer Avenue where a dedicated Taxi Pick Up is located. The area identified for pick up and drop off will be designed to facilitate taxi and private hire. The Pick UP & Drop Off area will be stewarded. We kindly ask that all Taxis and private hires cooperate and use the dedicated Pick Up & Drop Off Area and the allocated routes to Supervalu which is clearly signed with VMS and signage. In order to mitigate disturbances and to ensure the safety of all people, Security & Stewards & an Garda Síochána will be present in and around Marlay Park.

In the interests of our customers, we are working in partnership with the Garda Síochána to ensure the safety of all people affected by the event. This includes several Road closures as below. Please
be aware that the below mentioned times may vary and road closures might be put in place earlier at the discretion of the Garda Síochána.
• At 22:00 Taylor’s Lane from the junction with Grange Road to its junction with Whitechurch Road will be closed. Traffic turning right off the Grange Road onto Taylor’s Lane. No vehicular traffic will be permitted up Taylor’s Lane towards Grange Road and will be diverted left onto Whitechurch Road towards Willbrook Road/Ballyboden Road.
• At 22:15 Stonemason’s Way from the junction with the Grange Road to its junction with Broadford Road roundabout will be closed.
• At 22:15 Grange Road from the junction with Taylor’s Lane to Ballinteer Av / Brehonfield Rd junction will be closed. All traffic travelling from the College Road will be directed onto the Grange Road then onto Brehon Field Road and towards the M50 motorway.
• At 22:15 College Road from the junction with Whitechurch Road to the junction with Grange Road will  be closed. No vehicular traffic will be allowed on College Road. Traffic from Tibradden/Kilmashogue will be diverted down Whitechurch Road and onwards.
• At 22:15 Grange Road from Sarah Curran Avenue to Taylor’s Lane will be closed.

Click on the map below to view in detail: