Taxi rank changes in Dublin city centre from 6th January 2014

17 December 2013

During the course of the Utility Works, all road users will be affected to various extents, as the construction works progress. Where taxi ranks are temporarily affected by the works, alternative nearby locations will be provided, with equal or greater overall capacity than the existing ranks. The locations which will be affected are set out below. Download the Luas Cross City Taxi Rank Changes here.


St. Stephen’s Green North Ranks

There are 2 ranks on St. Stephen’s Green North. At all times during the Utility Works Contract one of these ranks will remain in operation. When one of these ranks is suspended, an 11 space temporary rank will be established on St Stephen’s Green North east of Dawson Street on the north side of the roadway. The utility works in this area will begin on the 6th January 2014 and will take approx. 4 months to complete, after which both original ranks will be in operation and the 11 space temporary rank will be removed.


Dawson Street Ranks

There are 4 full time spaces and 11 night-time spaces on Dawson Street. The date for the commencement of works on Dawson Street has not been finalised. When these ranks are suspended they will be replaced with temporary full-time ranks on Molesworth Street.


Grafton Street

There are 3 full time and 4 night-time spaces on Grafton Street. The utility works will begin in this location on the 6th January 2014. The initial works, which will take approx. 4 weeks, will not affect either of these ranks. At a later stage, when these ranks are suspended, they will be replaced by a temporary full-time rank on Nassau St, and an extension of the Foster place rank to operate full time.


Westmoreland Street Rank

There are 4 full time spaces on Westmoreland Street. The utility works will begin on this street on the 6th January 2014. The initial works will not affect this rank. When this rank is suspended, temporary nearby arrangements will be incorporated into the Traffic Management Plan for the works.


O’ Connell Bridge Rank

There are 4 night-time spaces on O’Connell Bridge. The date for the commencement of works in this area has not been finalised. When this rank is suspended, temporary nearby arrangements will be incorporated into the Traffic Management Plan for the works.


O’ Connell Street Upper Ranks

There are 2 ranks on O’ Connell Street Upper. The date for the commencement of works in this area has not been finalised. At all times during the Utility Works Contract one of these ranks will remain in operation. When these ranks are suspended they will be replaced with 10 temporary full time spaces on Marlborough Street.


Marlborough Place

Works will commence in Marlborough Place on the 6th January 2014. The 6 full time spaces will be affected but will be accommodated locally in Marlborough Place.


In all cases advance notification will be provided through communication with the Taxi representative groups and through signage erected at the affected taxi ranks.

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