Taximeter Program Approval: Alberen M12

3 August 2022

The Taximeter Program Update list below shows which taximeters can now be programmed with the 2022 fare in advance of the commencement of the National Maximum Fare Order on 1st September. Pre-programming the taximeter ensures a seamless transition to the new Fare without any loss of trade for operators. This list will be frequently updated as more programs are approved.

The following taximeter programs are now approved by Legal Metrology with the 2022 fare – contact your installer:

  • Alberen
    • M12
  • Hale
    • Microtax-05
    • Microtax-06
    • SPT-01
    • SPT-02
  • ATA
    • Primus
    • Primus Mirror
    • Primus S-01
    • Primus RS-01
  • ATA Gleike 
    • Primus
  • Cygnus
    • MR400
    • MR500
    • MR500 View

Programming of the taximeter is completed by a private taximeter installer of your choice. Check that your installer is using a program that is approved by Legal Metrology. Once the 2022 program is installed in the taximeter, verification is completed by NSAI Legal Metrology through its Authorised Verifier, Applus. Verification bookings can be made at

In circumstances were a verification cannot be carried out on or before the 1st September 2022, the taxi may not be operated unless formal evidence from Applus of a verification appointment is provided on the spot by the driver to An Garda Síochána, NTA Compliance Officers or Legal Metrology Inspectors