WAV24 Closes to New Applications Following Phenomenal January Interest

1 February 2024

The NTA Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme 2024 (WAV24), which provides up to €17,500 in grant support per additional wheelchair accessible vehicle licensed, opened on January 2nd to a level of applications never seen in the history of the Scheme with over 2,800 applications received since opening. WAV24 is on track for a record level of wheelchair accessible vehicles to be added to the SPSV fleet nationwide.

NTA has issued Provisional Grant Offers to hundreds of applicants, which are conditional on a vehicle being licensed within the timeframe set out on that offer.  All available funding has been allocated.  At this time, no further grant offers are expected to issue.  Applicants who have not received an offer will be contacted in the coming days to confirm the status of their application.