“At Vodafone Ireland we are committed to improving the lives of people and the environment by offering innovative and sustainable technologies.  As a response to the growing threat of climate change, Vodafone Ireland launched the Green Agenda in 2008 with the ambitious target to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2011.  The company has successfully met its target through the implementation of more than 60 initiatives in the areas of energy, transport and waste.

Although transport is a lower percentage of the company’s carbon footprint, Vodafone recognised the importance of providing a sustainable plan for its large number of employees based in its headquarters in MountainView, Leopardstown.  Prior to taking action, the company undertook a transport survey to better understand its employees’ commuting habits and willingness to change.  The results were surprising.

  • 68% of employees commuted by car
  • 62% of drivers said they could use an alternative to the car
  • 85% thought Vodafone should have policies that encourage the use of more sustainable travel modes
  • 39% felt that they did not have access to all the information they needed

Based on the survey and in partnership with the National Transport Authority, Vodafone Ireland created a comprehensive sustainable transport plan.  The plan incorporated a number of options, which include the following:

  • TaxSaver tickets provided to employees (this is especially popular since the LUAS extension to Central Park)
  • Cycle-to-work scheme with a 10% uptake
  • Car-sharing website with priority parking
  • Daily, free bus service for Vodafone employees to and from city centre and Blackrock (utilised by more than 450 Vodafone employees each week)
  • Video conferencing available in place of air travel (this saved 55% of our air travel carbon emissions)

The plan and the initiatives were all launched through its “Go Green Transport Day”, a day of employee engagement to spread awareness of the need for sustainable travel.”

Tracy Godfrey, Corporate Responsibility Programme Manager Vodafone Ireland (2011)