Public Transport

The TFI public transport network in Ireland includes Buses, DART, Luas and Rail.

Using public transport for travelling to work, campus or for business-related travel has many benefits including reduced congestion, time efficiency, and cost savings.

You can use the TFI Journey Planner brought to you by Transport for Ireland to plan your door-to-door commute. It provides plans for trains, buses, trams, ferry, and taxi services and combines them into easy-to-read journey plans. The planner acts like a door-to-door route planner and has information about scheduled departures and trips near your current location, and from any specified point.

To help plan your journey, you can also download the Transport for Ireland Apps which are listed at the bottom of this page.

Travelling by Bus

There are a number of bus operators within the TFI public transport network. For routes, maps, timetables, fares, bus operators, and more, please visit Transport for Ireland – Getting Around by Bus.

Travelling by Rail

There are both intercity services throughout the TFI public transport network, as well as DART and Commuter Services. For more information on travelling by train, please visit Transport for Ireland – Travelling by Train.

Many train stations have cycle parking facilities available to commuters so you can cycle to and from the train station. To help plan your rail journey with your bicycle, from information on bicycle parking, on-rail facilities, and bicycle bookings, visit Irish Rail’s comprehensive Bicycle Information for Rail Travel.

Travelling by Tram

Luas is Dublin City’s tram service and operates both a Red Line and Green Line service. Luas is a sustainable, fast, and convenient way to travel around Dublin City and its suburbs. There are car parking facilities available at several stations so you can avail of the Luas ‘Park + Ride’ services. For more information on travelling by tram, please visit Transport for Ireland – Getting Around by Tram.

Integrating the use of a bicycle and travelling by tram can be a convenient, fast, and sustainable way to travel around Dublin. For more information on the Luas and cycling, visit Luas – Bike Parking.

Fares and Ticket Schemes

Generally, the fare you pay on public transport is based on the number of stages you travel. For more information on bus, train, tram, and taxi fare structures, please visit Transport for Ireland – Fares.

TFI Leap Card

You can get cheaper fares by using the re-usable, pre-paid TFI Leap Card across the TFI public transport network, that can save you up to 31% versus single cash fares. Whether you are travelling to work or campus there are several different types of Leap Card’s and services that you can avail of. The TFI Leap Top-Up App allows you to instantly top-up, check your balance and book tickets. For more information on where to buy, how to top up and more, please visit TFI – Leap Card.


The Taxsaver ticket encourages commuters to use public transport to and from work through the purchase of tax-free monthly or annual tickets.

Employees participating in the scheme benefit from reduced tax and PRSI payments, as well as achieving significant savings (up to 52%) on the cost of commuting. Employees receive tickets either as part of their salary package (salary sacrifice), in lieu of an annual cash bonus, or as a benefit-in-kind. Savings arise because tickets are not subject to tax or PRSI.

Employers can register for the Taxsaver scheme online and start purchasing monthly or annual tickets for their employees. As well as saving employees money each month on their commute, the scheme can also reduce the need for car parking spaces and save employers up to 11.05% on Employer PRSI when making this deduction from salary payments. For more information, please visit

Download the free Transport for Ireland Apps

The TFI Leap Top-Up App allows you to instantly top-up your TFI Leap Card, check your balance, collect tickets and check how close you are to reaching your daily and weekly cap values.

The TFI Live App allows you to access live real time departure and journey planning information across the Transport for Ireland (TFI) network.

The TFI Go App allows you to buy tickets for public transport services in Ireland directly from your phone. Your ticket is downloaded to the app and can be used to travel straight away. No need for printing, just activate and show your driver while boarding.

The TFI Driver Check App allows users to check that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate license to operate the vehicle.