Cycling Tools and Tips

There will most likely be plenty of questions when you are beginning to cycle. To help you out we have compiled some helpful tools and tips below that will help you on your cycling journey.

Cycling Tools

If you are looking to promote cycling within your organisation, you will find several useful promotional resources on TFI Smarter Travel – Resources and Events.

Cycling Tips

Cycling for Transport

For information on cycling safety please refer to the Road Safety Authority.

Although it is great to get on your bike and go for a leisure cycle around the parks, local attractions, and the amazing Greenway facilities we have in Ireland, cycling can be a very efficient mode of transport. On average, cycling one kilometre can take approximately between 5-8 minutes.

The following journeys can be the best for incorporating cycling:

  • Journeys to work or campus – if you live within a 10km radius from the destination, it is a great opportunity to hop on your bike and experience the benefits;
  • On business – cycling to and from business meetings can save you time, money, and reduced stress levels because of congestion on the roads;
  • To a rail station or bus stop;
  • To local shops – cycling to your local supermarket for groceries or even on your lunch break;
  • To parks or sports facilities – while it is great to get out for some fresh air and exercise, having to drive there may defeat the purpose. Cycling to these facilities can act as a warm-up and give you the boost of energy you may need and
  • Visiting friends – you do not need to worry about getting taxis or lifts home from the cinemas or for a meal – light up and off you cycle.

Public transport is also a great way to incorporate cycling into your journey. The next time you are planning your journey, consider the following to include cycling:

  • The distance to the nearest public transport service;
  • Does the station have cycle parking facilities?
  • Does the public transport service allow you to book on-carriage bicycles?
  • How far is the destination from the public transport route?
  • Can you use a shared-bike service such as dublinbikes or TFI Bikes?
  • For more information, visit TFI Smarter Travel – Public Transport.

Find your route

For help in choosing the shortest route from A to B, why not try the TFI Journey Planner online and select ‘cycle’ in the trip options. You can also choose to display Bike Hire stations nearby. However, please be advised that this service is not available on the TFI Journey Planner App.

You can also search for detailed information and maps for both on-road and off-road cycling trails in your county by visiting Sport Ireland – Find Your Trails or Cycling Ireland – Find a Route.

Shared Bikes Schemes

Shared Bike Schemes are a great way to incorporate cycling on your commute. Whether it is travelling to and from business meetings, or linking with your public transport route, the self-service bike rental schemes are easy to operate and have both short-term and annual subscription options. For information on subscriptions, location of stations, and more, visit the following:

Dublin: dublinbikes

Galway, Limerick, Cork and Waterford : TFI Bikes

Cycle to Work Scheme

This scheme aims to encourage you to cycle to and from work. Under the scheme your employer can help you obtain a brand-new bike and safety equipment. This will not be a taxable benefit-in-kind.

There are now two limits, depending on the type of bicycle purchased:

  • For pedelecs or ebikes and related safety equipment the limit is €1,500.
  • For other bicycles and related safety equipment the limit is €1,250.
  • For Cargo and e-cargo bikes the limit is €3,000

For more information, please visit Revenue – Cycle To Work Scheme.

CYCLE RIGHT – Cycle training for all

CYCLE RIGHT is the National Standard for Cycle Training and provides practical cycle safety and skills training to promote competent and confident cyclists. CYCLE RIGHT is an inclusive programme. For more information on CYLE RIGHT training, please contact Cycling Ireland.