Smart Modes

Remote Working

Remote working can benefit both employer and employees. For employers, the benefits can include reduced business costs, retaining top talent, and a happier workforce. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance should be a priority for employers and employees. Technology-based alternatives to work and business travel can also help workplaces to achieve reductions in road and air travel emissions.

For employees, working remotely can allow for increased flexibility and autonomy and the reduction or elimination of stressful commutes. Saving time that would otherwise be spent on a long commute can allow employees to have better work-life balance. Technology such as videoconferencing software, collaboration platforms, and cloud services keep people connected and allow them to have meetings and complete projects from remote locations.

The concept of working from anywhere is more likely than ever to become an integral part of the future state of work. As technology continues to advance, it will bring workers virtually closer together and connected across various locations.

For more information on remote working for both employers and employees, please visit – Guidance for Working Remotely.

Car Sharing

Car sharing, also referred to as Car Clubs, facilitates several people having access to one (or more) car(s) at different times according to their needs. Car sharing is based on a simple principle: the car is used when needed. If the car is not needed, it can be used by another person. One of the benefits of car sharing is that it saves money on insurance, tax, fuel, and maintenance.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the number of car parking spaces, especially for organisations with limited physical space for car parking, and with employees who increasingly do not want to own a car, a car club could be beneficial.

Car sharing can also help reduce traffic congestion and wear and tear on the roads. Reduced congestion leads to decreases in air pollution and energy consumption.

Taxi Services

Travelling by Taxi can be another way of incorporating sustainable travel into your commute and reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the road, whether is it travelling to work and campus or for business travel.

Plan your journey in advance and use the TFI Taxi Fare Estimator tool to budget for your journey. All figures are approximate and depend on traffic congestion.

TFI – Driver Check App

The TFI Driver Check App allows users to check that the vehicle they are about to hire has been registered correctly and that the driver has the appropriate license to operate the vehicle. This information can also be forwarded to a friend or colleague for peace of mind that they are travelling safely and that there is a record of the trip. For more information on travelling by Taxi, please visit Transport for Ireland – Getting Around by Taxi.