Workplace Travel Plans for SMEs

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from employees choosing more active and sustainable travel on the commute, on an occasional or regular basis. If you are working at an SME and would like to find out how you can promote walking, cycling, public transport or carpooling, you will find a number of resources on this site to assist you.

What can SMEs Achieve?

Smaller organisations can achieve similar successes to large employers – being smaller means it’s more likely your colleagues meet each other on a regular basis and can be engaged in any on-site events, such as bike maintenance, or team-based walking promotions.

You may find that partnering with a neighbouring organisation might open up more options in terms of actions and promotions for your workplace.

Some of the benefits associated with more sustainable travel on the commute for SMEs include:

  • reduced costs associated with providing car parking;
  • reduced employers’ PRSI payments (through Cycle to Work and TaxSaver ticket schemes)
  • enhanced employee wellbeing
  • enhanced sustainability profile
  • reduced pressure on parking spaces
  • reduced business mileage costs

This Implementers Guide to Workplace Travel Plans will help you develop and implement a travel plan for your workplace.

If you would like to discuss the Smarter Travel programme in more detail please contact us.