Maximum Fares Review 2014

25 August 2014

The first national maximum taxi fare was introduced in 2006. Since then a two year cycle of fare reviews has been undertaken. Reviews took place in 2008 (8.3% increase in the maximum taxi fares), in 2010 and in 2012, neither resulted in a change to the fare levels.

As two years has elapsed since the last fares assessment, a review of today’s taxi fares is currently being designed and the initial analysis carried out. We are updating the Taxi Cost Index to assess changes in the costs of operating a taxi. The Taxi Cost Index does not claim to represent the absolute operating costs of the industry, but rather aims to capture the changes in operating costs. A consumer survey will commence in September to establish 2014 public usage patterns and perceptions. As with previous reviews, we will also benchmark our offering with international taxi fare examples, analyse any Consumer Price Index changes and examine the fare structure.

Having regarding to the overall objectives of the review, and having carried out the survey and analysis work, the Authority will consult with the Advisory Committee and the Legal Metrology Service.

In October/November 2014, the Authority expects to publish a notice in the newspaper and provide details on our website of the analysis of the current situation and proposals. Submissions on the proposals will be invited from all interested parties in the industry and from the public during the weeks following that notice.

The review will be carried out in a manner similar to previous reviews and in line with the Taxi Regulation Act 2013, section 24(3):
(3) Before fixing maximum fares under this section the Authority shall—
(a) consult with—
(i) the Advisory Committee, and
(ii) the Legal Metrology Service,
(b) publish a notice on its website and in one or more national newspapers—
(i) indicating that it is proposed to exercise the function, and
(ii) stating that representations in relation to the proposal may be made in writing to the Authority before a specified date (which shall be not less than one month after the publication of the notice),
(c) consider any observations made by the Advisory Committee, the Legal Metrology Service and any representations made pursuant to paragraph(b).