SPSV Vehicle Licence Suspensions – Tamper-Proof Disc Reapplication

22 June 2020

NTA is currently telephoning licence holders at least 5 working days before their suspension ends to establish whether they want to make a nationwide booking to have their tamper-proof discs reapplied or to extend the suspension period.

For those licence holders wishing to end their suspension period earlier than initially specified, please email suspension@nationaltransport.ie to arrange for the tamper-proof discs to be reapplied.

For the approx. 10 minute reapplication to take place, you must present:

  • your booking confirmation email at the time and place confirmed on it;
  • written verification from the relevant underwriter or broker, together with the insurance schedule and disc, confirming SPSV insurance has been reinstated;
  • the vehicle with a completely clean and dry front and rear windscreens; and
  • Observe all social distancing guidelines advised by the NTA on site.