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Latest News for SPSV Operators

College Green will be pedestrianised from 7am to 7pm on Sunday 21st July, 28th July and Sunday 4th of August to facilitate College Green Summer Events.

This will result in temporary closure of the taxi ranks on Foster Place and College Green on Sunday 21st July, Sunday 28th July and Sunday 4th August.

Dublin City Council have set up a temporary extended taxi rank on D’Olier Street for the duration of these events. The roads will be re-opened at 7pm.

For more information visit Dublin City council’s website:

NTA have been advised that on Sunday 21 July, 28 July and 04 August College Green will be closed to facilitate family orientated events.

Both Foster Place and College Green taxi ranks will be relocated to an extended Rank in D’Olier Street.

North and South quays and D’Olier street through to Nassau Street will remain opened throughout.

East /West movement along Dame Street will be diverted onto Westmorland Street/ Aston Quay/ Parliament street and back on route.

West/ East Traffic movement along Dame street will be diverted at Christchurch onto Winetavern street onto the North Quays to Bachelors walk.

A National Maximum Taxi Fare Review is carried out by NTA approximately every two years to allow adjustments for changes in taxi operating costs and in the market facing the taxi industry.  The 2019 Review commenced this month.

The objectives of the National Maximum Taxi Fare Review are to:

  • Estimate the average activity level of taxis in a year based on driver and consumer survey data, research results and Central Statistics Office (CSO) data;
  • Update each element of the Taxi Cost Index (TCI), the fixed cost and running costs of an average taxi based on activity levels and labour costs; and
  • Determine whether the National Maximum Taxi Fare should change.

A confidential telephone survey of approximately 500 drivers nationwide will be completed in the coming weeks as part of this National Maximum Taxi Fare Review. This short survey will provide information in the areas of insurance and other operating costs, together with current taxi usage.

NTA appreciates the time, assistance and information provided by the industry in this initial part of the Review which is expected to conclude towards the end of the year.

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