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Latest News for SPSV Operators

All industry members are encouraged to read the COVID-19 Pandemic: SPSV Industry Information Note which answers frequently asked questions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 Pandemic: SPSV Industry Information Note


Please encourage all passengers to download and use the SPSV Driver Check App to save the details of the SPSV they have used in the unlikely event they are required for contact tracing. NTA urges all industry members operating SPSVs to display the below passenger notices in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.


Passenger Notices

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Notice

COVID-19 HSE Information Poster

Driver Check App Poster


Information Booklet

COVID-19 HSE Information Booklet 

SPSV Online Services/SPSV Industry App

Licence holders already registered to use SPSV Online Services can create or break a driver to vehicle link by logging in and selecting the ‘break link’ option.


SMS Driver Links

Licence holders already registered to create and break driver links using the SMS service can break a driver to vehicle link.

To end a link, send just these two words in a text to 51444 in the following format:

  • Link end

You must not enter any other details.


Breaking a link using email – Emergency Measure

If you are not registered for the above services you can email

In the SUBJECT LINE of the email, type your Driver’s Licence number only

In the body/text state that you wish to end your driver to vehicle link and provide the vehicle licence number. Nothing else is required.

Due to the high volume of requests at the moment, you will not receive a response to this request until we have been in a position to update your driver link. Please do not send multiple emails as this will delay the process further.

As a result of the further restrictions implemented by Government on Friday 27 March, all SPSV inspection centres are now closed. Additionally, NCTS have also ceased vehicle inspections with immediate effect until further notice.


All future SPSV suitability inspections will be cancelled in the coming days. Affected SPSV vehicle licence holders will receive a full refund and a confirmation of cancellation by email and/or SMS.


Unfortunately, due to current circumstances it is not possible for us to correspond via post.

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