Compliance activities in February 2015

6 March 2015

During February, 4 unlicensed operators were detected by compliance officers. Two detections were in Cork, one in Limerick and one in Dublin.

Compliance officers recorded 1080 formal checks of small public service vehicles during the month. As well as the detections of unlicensed operators, 68 Fixed Payment Notices were issued to drivers, with the majority of these penalties issued for standing illegally for hire or to drivers who were not associated to the vehicle that they were driving.

Complaints February 2015

A total of 32 complaints were received during February 2015.  The majority of these complaints related to the fares charged by drivers.

Prosecutions in February 2015

In February, the Authority prosecuted 35 cases at District Courts around the country. 15 of these cases concerned operators without valid licences; the remainder were for non-payment of a Fixed Payment Notice.