Confidential Customer Service Number (CCSN) – Required for Calls

23 February 2023

NTA introduced a confidential customer service number called a ‘CCSN’ in 2020, which is now your unique identifier as a licence holder. When contacting the SPSV Information Line please have your CCSN ready, as NTA cannot proceed with calls unless your CCSN has been confirmed. Callers to the SPSV Information Line that are unable to confirm their CCSN are causing delays, resulting in extended call wait times for others.

The number is included on letters and emails from NTA to SPSV licence holders. NTA will also send an SMS communication to all licence holders confirming their CCSN. This number is exclusive to your SPSV profile and should be kept confidential.

Your CCSN will also be required when registering for SPSV Online Services for maintaining driver links and rental agreements. Information on how to register for SPSV Online Services can be found here. Please note that you may not be able to access these services without your CCSN.