Local Area Hackney – New Application – Templemartin Co. Cork

29 April 2024

The Local Area Hackney (LAH) is a private hire category of SPSV that was created following the Taxi Regulation Review in 2012.

The purpose of the LAH is to offer a SPSV service in a rural community where existing transport services do not serve the needs of the community. The LAH can meet the demand for these services but they cannot displace any existing SPSV services. The LAH licence is restricted to a specified geographical area surrounding a named village or townland. The area is specified on the licence and it is that community which is the sole focus of the service.

An application has been received for a Local Area Hackney licence in the Templemartin, Co. Cork area. If you operate in or near this area and have any questions or observations, please contact taxis@nationaltransport.ie

For more details on the Local Area Hackney Licence please see our guide here