National Maximum Taxi Fare Review

10 March 2022

The National Maximum Fare Review is ongoing and a confidential telephone survey of approximately 500 drivers nationwide commenced last month. These surveys will provide information in the areas of insurance, fuel and other operating costs, together with current taxi demand and supply. NTA appreciates the time and assistance given by those who have answered calls and would appreciate your engagement in the survey if you receive a call. The National Maximum Taxi Fare Review is carried out by the NTA approximately every two years to assess changes in operating costs for taxi owners, renters and drivers. This review is particularly important in light of COVID, Brexit and the recent increase in the cost of fuel and living expenses.

Once the surveys have been analysed and compared with economic research, NTA will issue a National Maximum Taxi Fare Review Report, with a fare change recommendation, by way of public consultation.  All taxi operators and users, will be able to submit their opinions on the content to NTA.  This will be brought to the NTA Board for consideration and, if approved, the short legal process of completing a Maximum Fares Order will commence.