Taxi Drivers Thanked for Defeating Some Bank Card Scams

16 March 2022

One of the major banks has asked us to pass on its thanks to taxi drivers who are defeating fraudsters and scammers through their own diligence.

Gardaí have received a number of reports recently of a scam whereby victims receive a smishing text purporting to be from a bank. When the cardholder clicks on the link provided, they then receive a phone call from a person stating they are from their bank.  This person advises the cardholder that their bank card has been compromised and that they will send a taxi to collect their bank card and take it away for testing.  A genuine, pre-booked taxi driver then arrives to collect the envelope/bag from the scam victim to deliver it to an alleged bank official waiting outside the bank branch. The victim later observes that their card was used to make withdrawals and purchases without their consent.

Some taxi drivers have refused to take the envelope from the cardholder, whilst others have refused to hand it over to the alleged branch employee rather giving it to a confirmed branch official inside the bank. This defeats the fraudsters and protects the public. Thank you!

A Garda press release is available on Facebook at