Renewing an SPSV driver licence

SPSV driver licences (except local area hackney driver licences) are valid for five years. It is your responsibility to know when your SPSV driver licence expires and to make arrangements to renew your licence on time. (Local area hackney driver licences are valid for three years and cannot be renewed. The holder may, however, apply for a new licence.)

The NTA sends out courtesy reminders advising drivers to renew their driver licence in the three months before their expiry date. This will ensure that their driver licence does not expire and that they receive their updated driver identity and display cards in time to continue working without interruption. It can take up to 12 weeks for a renewal to be processed by An Garda Síochána.

Drivers can apply for renewal of their licence up to three months before the driver licence expires. Irrespective of when you renew your driver licence, before its expiry date, the new date will be five years from your current expiry date. So, there is no disadvantage to starting the renewal process three months before that date.

Renewal Applicant Requirements:

Renewal driver licences are granted only to people:

  1. Who are confirmed by An Garda Síochána to be suitable persons to hold SPSV driver licences
  2. Who hold an Irish driving licence or a driving licence from another EU, EEA or other recognised state
  3. Whose tax affairs are up to date
  4. Who hold a valid SPSV driver licence

There are 2 Steps in Renewing an SPSV Driver Licence:

  1. Pay the €250 licence fee to the National Transport Authority by calling 0818 064 000
  2. Complete a PSV18 renewal form and submit it to your local Garda PSV office (outside Dublin) or to the Carriage Office (in Dublin)

For your application you will require the following:

  • The receipt for your renewal fee
  • Your photographs
  • Evidence that you are tax compliant
  • Your driving licence
  • Your SPSV driver licence
  • A written undertaking that you will not drive an SPSV for more than 11 hours on any three consecutive days
  • Details of any other occupation in which you are engaged, and, if that other occupation involves driving, evidence that you have informed the employer of your intention to apply for an SPSV driver licence
  • A declaration that your health does not materially affect your ability to drive an SPSV
  • A declaration that you have not been convicted of any of the offences specified in section 30(3) or the Schedule to the Taxi Regulation Acts 2013 and 2016
  • Any other documents requested by An Garda Síochána

How your Renewal Application is Processed

Your renewal application will be processed by An Garda Síochána, and, if approved, you will in due course be issued with an SPSV driver licence. The NTA will then process and issue you with your driver identity and display cards.

It is a criminal offence to operate without a current SPSV driver licence. A conviction for this offence attracts a penalty of up to €5,000.