Taxi/SPSV Contact Us Form

Who can contact NTA about my licence?

NTA requires licence holders to deal directly with NTA for their own licensing matters. Contact can be made by any of the following routes:

In an exception to the above, should a vehicle licence holder become medically incapacitated and is therefore unable to fulfil their own licensing obligations, a temporary representative can act on their behalf where evidenced medical grounds are provided.
Please contact or call the SPSV Information Line for further information on the process and the associated evidence required to be submitted to NTA.

Licence holders are also reminded that Section 15 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 allows for somebody suitable nominated by them to apply to NTA to continue to operate a licence in the event of the death of that licence holder. The relevant forms and guidance for a S15 nomination can be found here.

Additional Taxi/SPSV Contact routes: