SPSV Newsletter Issue 25 April 2014

25 April 2014

The Taxi Regulation Act 2013 (other than section 49) came into operation on 6th April 2014. Some of the key provisions of the Act are:

  • The automatic disqualification of driver licence holders convicted of serious offences for specified periods extending up to lifetime disqualification.
  • A prohibition on vehicle licence transfers.
  • Arrangement for the nomination of a representative to whom a vehicle licence can be transferred to, in the event of the death of the licence holder.
  • A declaration by driver licence applicants in relation to other employments.
  • A demerits system whereby drivers accumulating eight of more demerit points will have their licence automatically suspended for three months.
  • A prohibition on offering or advertising a vehicle for passenger hire without the vehicle being licensed.
  • The right to appoint compliance support personnel under a service agreement arrangement.

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