The National Transport Authority (the Authority) has statutory responsibility for securing the provision of public transport services as outlined in the Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008. The Act gives the Authority responsibility for setting public transport fares on contracted services. This fares determination sets out the fares for all the main Public Service Obligation (PSO) services in the greater Dublin area namely heavy rail (Commuter and Dart services), Luas light rail and bus services, including tendered bus services operated by Go-Ahead Ireland under contract to the Authority.

The onset of the Covid-19 global pandemic in March 2020 resulted in a substantial reduction in fare revenues arising from significant decreases in the use of public transport. This was offset by significant additional Government funding to ensure services could continue at pre-pandemic levels in line with public health restrictions. For this reason the Authority decided not to proceed with a fares determination in 2020, meaning that the vast majority of fares remain at 2018 prices.

In light of the ongoing pandemic and the impact on passenger confidence, the Authority has chosen not to implement a full fares determination in 2021, but rather has decided to focus on making the small number of remaining adjustments necessary to support the roll out of major projects such as BusConnects in Dublin and to bring forward proposals to incentivise a return to public transport. For this reason, this determination will focus solely on changes to fares in Dublin city, to be effective as of 28th November 2021.

It is envisaged that a further determination will be necessary in 2022 in respect of other adjustments necessary to fully align Leap with cash and prepaid fares, and in addition, to address all monthly and annual tickets, including Taxsaver as well as the changes required to bring into effect the Government’s decision to reduce fares on all public transport services to 50% of the adult fare for all young persons under the age of 24.

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