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In 2023, the National Transport Authority published its National Fares Strategy. A key objective of the Strategy is to move to a more equitable and consistent structure for all PSO public transport across Ireland. The Fares Strategy requires that PSO bus and rail fares should increase in line with distance travelled in a relatively uniform manner regardless of route used or geographic location.

This determination will formalise a new ‘Dublin City Zone’, extending to approximately 23 km from the centre of Dublin, encompassing the current area of validity of TFI 90 Leap Card travel. It also introduces a new ‘Dublin Commuter Zone’ (extending from the outer edge of the Dublin City Zone to approximately 50 km from the centre of Dublin as illustrated in the document below). The first phase of the National Fares Strategy will be implemented in this ‘Dublin commuter Zone’, and the details of this implementation is a primary focus of this fares determination. The new fares will reduce the disparities which currently exist for some rail and bus users, particular in the outer commuter towns surrounding Dublin.

The roll out of more consistent short fares for travel by bus in the Dublin area was completed in July 2023. A number of other changes will also come into effect for the benefit of passengers in a phased manner over the coming months, including the alignment and simplification of cash fares on Luas and DART/Commuter Rail services within the Dublin City Zone area to match the validity of equivalent Leap fares, as well as the introduction of a simplified system of multi-modal Leap caps and period tickets in Dublin City Zone area, and adjustments to the TaxSaver range of products.

The document below includes details on:

  1. Dublin City Zone – multi-modal Leap tickets and fares
  2. Dublin metropolitan bus fares changes (Dublin Bus and Go Ahead Ireland)
  3. Luas fares changes
  4. Dublin City Zone rail fare changes
  5. Rail fares in the new ‘Dublin Commuter Zone’
  6. Bus fares in the ‘Dublin Commuter Zone’
  7. Intercity rail fares
  8. Bus services outside Dublin

For more information, please see the document below.