In 2013, the NTA published the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, consisting of the Urban Network, Inter-Urban Network and Green Route Network for each of the seven Local Authority areas comprising the Greater Dublin Area (GDA):

  • Dublin City Council (DCC)
  • South Dublin County Council (SDCC)
  • Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC)
  • Fingal County Council (FCC)
  • Meath County Council (MCC)
  • Kildare County Council (KCC)
  • Wicklow County Council (WCC)

The Cycle Network Plan identified and determined in a consistent, clear and logical manner, the following cycle networks within the GDA:

  • The Urban Cycle Network at the Primary, Secondary and Feeder level;
  • The Inter-Urban Cycle Network, linking the relevant sections of the Urban Network and including the elements of the National Cycle Network within the GDA. The Inter-Urban Network also includes linkages to key transport locations outside of urban areas  such as airports and ports; and
  • The Green Route Network that are cycle routes developed predominately for tourist, recreational and leisure purposes.

Unlike other area-based plans prepared previously by Local Authorities, the Cycle Network Plan is consistent across county boundaries in the GDA, such that there is continuity of route networks across these administrative boundaries. The combination of the seven Cycle Network Plans for the seven Local Authority areas is referred to as the GDA Cycle Network. Any reference in the plan to the GDA Cycle Network is deemed to include the Cycle Network Plan for each of the above local authority areas, unless the context requires otherwise.

The Cycle Network Plan for each Local Authority area is intended to be developed in accordance with the process set out in the National Cycle Manual, and also in accordance with best industry practice.

Please click on the links below to access the GDA Cycle Network Plan Written Report, associated network maps and environmental documentation. An Irish Language version of the Written Report is also available to view here.

Please Note: The NTA is currently in the process of updating the GDA Cycle Network Plan and anticipates that this will be published later in 2021. The updated Cycle Network Plan will be an important input into the upcoming review of the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area.

The Irish version and accompanying documents can be found here.