Regional Modelling System

Outline of the Regional Modelling System

The Regional Modelling System is the NTA’s strategic transport planning tool. Based around a classic transport modelling four-stage model framework, the system forecasts future year transport demand based upon population and employment scenarios, and assigns it to networks and services. The RMS and its associated appraisal tools provide strong mathematical analysis to support decision makers and planners, and is used in the appraisal of major projects including:

  • Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy
  • Galway Transport Strategy
  • Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy
  • Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy
  • MetroLink
  • BusConnects
  • Dart+
  • N6 Galway City Ring Road
  • Lower Lee (Cork City) Drainage Scheme

Map of Ireland showing five regional models. West regional, East regional, Mid West regional, South East regional and South West regional models.

Model Components

The Regional Modelling System can be considered to be composed for two distinct elements, the National Demand Forecasting Model (NDFM) and region specific demand and assignment models, known as the Regional Multi Modal Models. The NDFM estimates total travel demand on a national scale, while the Regional Multi Modal Models estimate mode and destination choice, as well as undertaken assignment for road, public transport, walking, and cycling networks.

Appraisal tools

The Appraisal Tools are an integrated suite of tools for the assessment of social, environmental and economic impacts of transport schemes.