The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Programme was developed in partnership with the NTA and Green-Schools in 2020 as a response to the need to support schools to increase walking and cycling to school.

Aims of the SRTS Programme:

Improve safety at the school gate by providing ‘front of school’ treatments to alleviate congestion and improve access;

Improve access routes to school by improving walking and cycling infrastructure; and

Increase the number of students who cycle to school by expanding the amount of cycle parking

Aims of the Safe Routes to School Design Guide:

The aim of this guide is to provide technical guidance on design principles and considerations that will enable Local Authorities, in conjunction with Green-Schools, to create safer, calmer, more attractive routes to school and front of school environments; and

The guide aims to provide designers with a set of design concepts and ideas, and precedent examples of schemes that have successfully enhanced sustainable access to school.




The SRTS Design Guide documents below