Transport Investment

The Authority has responsibility for three public transport capital investment programmes:

  • Greater Dublin Area Capital Programme
  • Regional Cities Sustainable Transport Programme
  • Public Transport Accessibility Programme

While the Authority has statutory responsibility for the Greater Dublin Area Capital Programme,
the Authority manages the Regional Cities Sustainable Transport and Public Transport
Accessibility Programmes on behalf of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

In the case of all three Programmes, the Authority is responsible for determining the projects to
be funded and managing expenditure. However, the necessary works are normally implemented
by State agencies, transport operators and local authorities acting on behalf of the Authority.

Major Projects

Public Transport Accessibility Programme 

While it has been the case for many years now that all new public transport infrastructure projects must cater for the needs of people with disabilities, a significant amount of older infrastructure, particularly across the rail network, is not accessible.

The retrofitting of this older infrastructure is a major task. The Authority oversees accessibility projects such as the installation of lifts and other improvement works at train stations, bus stop accessibility improvements and the travel assistance scheme for passengers with disabilities.

Grants are also offered to assist taxi and hackney operators with the purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles or the conversion of standard vehicles to carry wheelchair passengers.