BusConnects Dublin Preliminary Business Case

BusConnects Dublin

Preliminary Business Case


The preparation of a Business Case

To ensure that public investment delivers value for money, the Public Spending Code sets out requirements for the evaluation, planning and management of public investment. The preparation of a Business Case is a key element of meeting these requirements. The Public Spending Codes requires that both the Preliminary Business Case and Final Business Case for public investment projects are published.

NTA are the Approving Authority

Under the Public Spending Code for Public Transport Capital Projects the NTA are the Approving Authority. Where project proposals are in excess of an estimated capital cost of €100 million, the Government is the Approving Authority for key decision gates with NTA performing the day-to-day role of the Approving Authority. In the case of BusConnects Dublin, it was noted by Government that NTA would also act as Sponsoring Agency for the BusConnects Dublin Programme.

The BusConnects Dublin Preliminary Business Case prepared by NTA was approved by the NTA Board for submission to the Department of Transport (DoT) and onwards submission to the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) for review. Further to DoT and DPER review (including independent review by JASPERS and the Major Projects Advisory Group (MPAG)) elements of the PBC around inflation and costs were updated to inform the Government decision.

Approval in Principle

In March 2022, the Government granted Approval in Principle to the NTA to enable the submission of statutory consent applications for the Core Bus Corridor elements of the programme to An Bord Pleanála (Decision Gate 1) and to commence the tender process the for the Next Generation Ticketing element of the programme (Decision Gate 2).

This Preliminary Business Case reflects the document as considered by Government with a Cover Note which sets out the revisions to inflation assumptions and costs arising from the consideration of the PBC from Government.

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